Currently, This Land is Our Land donates approximately 1/3 of all profits to our customers' selected charities. This rate is only for our start-up phase, while our business model matures and while we reinvest much of the rest of our profits into our growth. As we increase revenue and cover our initial startup costs, the mid-term goal is to increase our giving rate to 1/2 of all profits. Long-term, we hope even to exceed that metric.

In short, our objective at This Land is Our Land is not to profit for its own sake, but to ultimately generate and allocate as much of our revenue as viable to the critical charities we support. Help us in that mission as we get off the ground and dig in for the cause of liberty!

For the record, This Land is Our Land is not officially affiliated with, authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by, any of the charities or causes we contribute to, though we would certainly like to develop such relationships in the future. If you are affiliated with one of our chosen charities -- or another -- and would like to partner with us or be featured on our site, please contact us at


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