Change is Real - Men's Tee

In difficult times it is only natural for each of us to doubt in hollow moments the efficacy of our actions.  That caught in the overwhelming gyre of human and inhuman events, we lose our will and the power to make it manifest. 

Yet even as the climate - political, personal, and planetary - grows ever more polluted, we can and must remind ourselves that we have agency yet.  Collectively and individually.  Over our selves.  Over our communities.  Over our government.  Over our planet. That inherent in that agency is a simple principle: that change can and will be effected.  By whom and in what direction remains the only question left to you.


  • Fine jersey; durable, vintage feel
  • Slim fit, classic cut
  • Premium quality: double-stitched, fade/shrink resistant
  • LA Apparel: USA made, sweatshop free
  • Limited colors temporarily
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