Future is Female - Women's Tee

With a political dialogue that has veered into a hyperbolic and misguided search for a golden-hazed American past, it is imperative we recognize the reality that time -- and liberty -- march inevitably onward and forward.  Despite our best efforts to bend back its arc, the future is. 

To suggest that what it is is female isn't simply a feminist trope, but a reminder that the future lacks limitation and definition altogether, that it is infinite in the scope of its possibilities.  Because if ever there was a signature ideal of America's 'great-again' past, it has always been that promise -- of possibility. That, after all -- and before it too -- is liberty.

*Design note: looking left and still to the future, our design takes its profile cues from Hillary herself.


  • Fine jersey; durable, vintage feel
  • Form fitting -- tends to run small
  • Premium quality: double-stitched, fade/shrink resistant
  • LA Apparel: USA made, sweatshop free
  • Limited colors temporarily
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*Product images with models are intended to showcase graphics, and may not accurately reflect fit, color, or item type depicted.

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