Liberty Equality Sorority - Women's Tee

Columbia, the Goddess of America. There was a time when the personification of the United States was fearless and female, and with all due respect to Uncle Sam, it's time to rally behind her once more -- for when America's foes are domestic, then those who have worn the yoke of domestication must lead the fight.

Liberty-Equailty-Sorority: the tripartite motto evokes not only the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen drafted by proto-feminist Olympe de Gouges during the French Revolution, but also the origins of feminist thought in the United States. Taking cues from de Gouges, Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Declaration of Sentiments - born of the famous Seneca Falls Convention and transcribed by Frederick Douglass - gave voice to the movement that persists today.

The timeless words are inset as a backdrop to Columbia's unyielding charge for liberty, sword and banner in hand. So take fast the folds of her skirt. For there are no tears into the fabric of a society more poignant and powerful than those that arise from a rallying cry.

  • Fine jersey; durable, vintage feel
  • Form fitting -- tends to run small
  • Premium quality: double-stitched, fade/shrink resistant
  • American Apparel: USA made, sweatshop free
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