Sanctuary City - Los Angeles - Women's Tee

Amid the turbulent tides of intolerance, we need safe harbors. Fortunately, our brightest cities have pledged to shine and shelter us as beacons through the coming night.

Our Sanctuary line celebrates that commitment. Featuring elements of Latin design - a rising Aztec sun and text inlay - each city-specific design reflects that city's pledge to keep shining and your pride in the cause of humanity and country.

Because this land belongs to us all.

Los Angeles, California. "City of Angels."

  • Fine jersey; durable, vintage feel
  • Form fitting -- tends to run small
  • Premium quality: double-stitched, fade/shrink resistant
  • American Apparel: USA made, sweatshop free
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*Product images with models are intended to showcase graphics, and may not accurately reflect fit, color, or item type depicted.

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